The Real Neat Blogger Award:

The Real Neat Blogger Award! Friends ! I am very excited and happy to say that Brothers’ Campfire nominated me for The Real Neat Blogger Award. Great personality and very good and attractive site. Thank you so much for nominating me for this award. Please read and check his masterpiece out with the link above…..Continue reading “The Real Neat Blogger Award:”


My dear fellow friends, I am so delighted on nominating me for the ‘Bee Love Award” by one of my fellow blogger “Sara Altaf Khan”. She nominated the right person for 🐝 bee love Award. It is okay to praise yourself once a while. Special tha Guidelines for Award:- Attach the Bee love LogoContinue reading “BEE LOVE AWARD I :-“

Blogger recognition award III…..

Dear readers and Followers!! I received the Blogger Recognition Award from one of my dear follower “Karolina” an historian, writer, traveler and photographer/blogger. Thankyou very much for this recognition! I am honoured! Lifeinkarolingston blog is about live, living the life, experience live, beauty of places and bla bla, and etc. It is one ofContinue reading “Blogger recognition award III…..”

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