Recent journey towards❤️⁩ #Luckymarwat#kpk#pak

I wake up early morning at 07:00am and start preparation for journey. It is very difficult for me to wake up after 4hrs, because I slept at 03am due to use of mobile. Well this time I feel need go on buss, so I decide to go on buss. I try best to prepare fastContinue reading “Recent journey towards❤️⁩ #Luckymarwat#kpk#pak”

Create Peace and Spread Love❤️:

Peace is a concept of stress free society/state, and societal friendships, relationships, hormony and sharing love to each other in the absence of enmity and brutality. In other words we also describe peace as when people of a society or States are able and willing to resolve their collision and conflicts through dialogues without violence,Continue reading “Create Peace and Spread Love❤️:”

Air Pollution is decrease due to first Rain of Winter ❤️

First Rain of winter here in Islamabad, is start and continue all the is nice ❤️ and going to cool down. Not only me enjoy the beautiful weather here but all of us around me enjoy it all the day.The surrounding area is looking better and clean from all kind of dust. 🌲 treesContinue reading “Air Pollution is decrease due to first Rain of Winter ❤️”

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