My dear fellow friends, I am so delighted on nominating me for the ‘Bee Love Award” by one of my fellow blogger “Sara Altaf Khan”. https://wordpress.com/home/saraaltafkhan.com

She nominated the right person for 🐝 bee love Award. It is okay to praise yourself once a while. Special tha

Guidelines for Award:-

  1. Attach the Bee love Logo on the top
  2. Ping Back to me https://inspiration487735900.wordpress.com/
  3. Thank your fellow blogger who nominated you
  4. Nominate your fellow blogger ( I am agree with Sara Altaf Khan about unlimited nomination)

Definition of LOVE:

Love happens accidently even if we don’t want to fall in Love with someone. Love is ancient, and it is not a science. I believe in love, not in modern love. Love is not lust, It is pure if its from the deep of heart. The love starts before we were even born. I love my loved ones. just believe in soul love. Your soul will find another part of your soul. Love doesn’t have any age. Love happens and doesn’t look for religion, country, caste, color, or age. Love should be your pride. Attachment asks for sacrifice. It is not called love if you feel ashamed. The almighty is a higher power who has given a human a great ability to love each other. Unfortunately, we have forgotten this power in the race of materialism and jealousy.

Living Out LOVE:

I want and try to spread Love everywhere, and i Love everyone. Even I love my enemies because they teach me how to love more. Do I have an enemy? Yes, whoever against peace and love, they are my enemies. I try making them my friend with respect but they label me being crazy or They would tell me that I don’t know the specific culture because of living in the advanced country with liberal views. Seriously guys. Only one power could save this world now. Everybody knows the answer: Love. I have respect for all my fellow bloggers. I love nature, animals, and birds.

My Nomination:-


Operation X


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