Let’s Try Again

Amazing Grace

Insecurity is a lack of confidence in yourself and your abilities. Most of us feel insecure sometimes, but to feel insecure most of the time is a serious problem that urgently needs to be addressed. Loneliness, and negative beliefs about oneself brings about a FEELING of insecurity.

Rebound relationship leads to greater insecurity. If you fall in love to avoid being alone that is reckless behavior. And reckless behavior leads to emotional instability which leads to impulsive behavior plunging you into a deep pit of unhealthy mood swings and manipulation.

Insecurity in adults is like ordering one of the kids Happy Meals at Mc Donald’s. Whenever and wherever cravings take place you rush out to buy a meal because it’s cheap and it comes with a toy, Meanwhile, within a few minutes you are hungry again and the toy isn’t appealing to you anymore. The only thing is, it’s a lifetime…

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