11 thoughts on “Request¹:-❤️”

  1. ♡ Bit concerned about this; there’s plenty of water on this planet that some call Gaia yet there are few willing to spend money on distilling 🤔 ?


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  2. You are right! But changing in climate is incredibly increasing, and the water is going to less due to this! And for many reason those areas like deserts where humans, where water is limited and they take from distances to use, they know the value of water.. so I think that and post it.
    Well thanks a lot for your kind words..

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    1. ♡ Gaia, Our Lady Planet, has been around for Billions of Years with Plenty of Water My Young Friend and SupaSoulBro; if We Have Oil Pipelines, Hard Liquor and Other Distilleries then We Can Do The Same with Salt Water, FOCUS!!!


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