Animals deserve your kindness::-_-

#animals # Love ❤️

Animals are need your kindness.
Animals are deserve kindness, even more than human beings because the animals can’t speak. They often use there own language with each other.


We often look this matter is quite MURky. Instances of stoning and torturing stray cats🐈, kittens, 🐕 dogs, puppies, different kinds of 🐦 birds, etc.., and merciless beating of the beasts of burden are common.

In many countries strict rules are implement by the government. In Istanbul (Turkey), restaurants on regular basis offer food to stray 🐈 cats and 🐕 dogs. In Afghanistan there is an organization for the welfare of stray cats. In Thailand stray dogs are neutered and spayed instead of being killed.

There is a law for protection of animals in Egypt and many other countries also.
So all here we need to take care of animals and all other breathed things.