Create Peace and Spread Love❤️:

Peace is a concept of stress free society/state, and societal friendships, relationships, hormony and sharing love to each other in the absence of enmity and brutality.

In other words we also describe peace as when people of a society or States are able and willing to resolve their collision and conflicts through dialogues without violence, work together to improve the quality of their happy lives.

The teaching of peace is very basic and important to all of us, our families and our societies. All the people’s and societies through out the world want and need to live peacefully without fearing any affliction and injury from others, not violence but peace and Love.❤️

I like the idea and concept of peace by the British historian ”Arnold Toynbee” is ‘Live and Let Live‘.

We all know and work on ourselves to be right, but we should regard others to be right. We need to compromise with the all harmful actions.  Compromise leads to success and help in achieving happiness from all over the world, it is also the of nature that God has devised. That are simply impossible through violent means.

One must give up all desires and thoughts of avidity and brutality, one should harm no living creature and abstain from all killings, and spread only peace and love.

Peaceful attitude towards everyone, to those who choose to be physically abusive. We all need to create Peace, where it need to be. Peace is the only way to happiness and good relationships. Either it is between two people’s, neighbours or neighbour countries.Sharing of love with everyone is going to be a lot of happiness and good relationships with each other’s.

Love every one, even he/ she is your enemy.❤️❤️