Air Pollution is decrease due to first Rain of Winter ❤️

First Rain of winter here in Islamabad, is start and continue all the day.weather is nice ❤️ and going to cool down. Not only me enjoy the beautiful weather here but all of us around me enjoy it all the day.
The surrounding area is looking better and clean from all kind of dust. 🌲 trees are also going to clean up from dust and create a new kind of pleasure for all us.
🐦 birds are singing and dancing in the rain all day and today.
The weather is nice and beautiful,and everyone try to get warm in winter.
Everyone going to be there in shopping stores for winter clothes and purchase coats and coats.
I also like winter and be prepared for it. Those who love winter please send me a good reply.
Love you all dear readers. Take care of yourself and your family.
 God bless all, and remember me in your prayers.

Although it is not a good picture by me but I don’t want to mis the beautiful weather of day.❤️

23 thoughts on “Air Pollution is decrease due to first Rain of Winter ❤️”

    1. Hy Queadrian!! I send some of rain towards your garden, it is nearly to reach there!😜
      Thanks for liking my posts and writing and appreciation. 😊 Thanks also for best wishes too. Stay blessed and happy always!🌹 ❣️

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