Pollution of our minds:–

Can any body believe that our brains and minds is full of pollution.
It consist in many ways in Our minds and thoughts.
We all need to be clean and create  possibly positivity in our minds for other people’s all our the world.

There are many people, their thoughts are very dirty and full of dust due to these kind of pollution. Because in their lives other good kind of people’s have no value. They only see their success in ruin and play with  others lives and their feeling’s.
Only for a money, watch, vehicle, bike and Jewlary etc, they take lives of others. They don’t often think about their families their beautiful children’s. In a miner issue they quarl With each other like animals, many times they fight and beat one another.I ask why they do that? They have not any forgiveness in them? This is only because their minds are full of dust and we all need to clean that.

We all need very take care of ourselves to save from these kind of people’s. We leave with love create with each other and pass it  through our surrounding. We should be positive for all people around us and take care of them in different ways when they need. We try to live Happy and create happiness for others, and Is also aim of our lives.
 Thanks a lot for reading.💕❤️
A lot of love for all readers.❤️❤️🌹
@ arifullah

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