Pollution and us:-

Dear readers,
I’m here to ask a question from all of you that what we are doing for end and finish the pollution?
All of us are the only reason to increasing in pollution in our daily lives.

1.  If we are take care of all useless  things, and throw them in a place where it can be thrown, then we can near to finish our this habit of increasing in pollution is to an end shortly.

2.   We don’t use the loud and horrible kind of Horns in our vehicles, which are the cause of the sound pollution.

3.   Many times We use loud musical instruments in parties and other joyful moments. Many times it effects on our neighbours and those who pass around.

4.    We built heavy kind of factories and mils but don’t care about there wastege and throw the waste things in public areas.

5.    Cutting of 🌲 trees and don’t plant any tree in the public areas.

6.    Don’t throw waste in water and keep our water clean. Also save the water for our future.

There are many other things to share but I want to explain that we can control the pollution if we want to finish it.
Thanks a lot for reading and please like my short article.

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