Not feeling stressed from others:-

We are often having Query in our minds and keep us Disturbed in daily basis, is that what others think, feel and say anything about us. We feel stressed about these kind of natural behaviors.

I noticed that we would not happy and satisfied any other human in our daily routines. Their different kind of arguments and unusual words on us or behind us keep us Disturbed daily. I ask from you all dear reader’s that why we listen and feel stressed due to others. We don’t need to listen to others, what they feel and say about us. What we are do, which kind of work we do, how we do, it’s our lives, it’s on us, because it’s our life. If we are satisfied from our lives and work which we done, then no need to feel stressed from others.

Keep going forward and don’t vory about, what others say about us it is thier headich not ours. They done nothing for us then why we feel stressed and care about them. Nor They give us dinner or lunch daily basis, Nor we say them and request them to give us any kind of help we need. We live on our own expenses, then why we feel vory.

Everyone listen and remember the story of donkey men and their son with them. People don’t leave them in any situation and give their own orguments on them.

If we try our best to keep everyone (male/female) happy, then it is our fault. Because we don’t keep Happy all people around us, if we try two hundred times. Throw all these kind of orguments on them

Keep smiling be happy with bundle of joy and happiness. .🙂🙂


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