Expectations from others:

Here I want to describe and tell to those people’s who are having lot of expectations from others.

So my reader’s, Many of our people’s in their lives having hundred of desires and expectations from other successful and good kind of natural human beings, which is not good for their future. These expectations are like, he find any job for or helping me to find good job, he helping me in my work in office or in any other way.

Here the few questions in my mind,

What we expect from others?

Why we expect from others?

How we expect from others?

What is not done by yourself that we expect from others?

All these questions having their own value and different answers from each other.

I think everyone achieve and done everything either it is possible or impossible both kind of goals, through hard work and struggle. My point of view is those kind of people’s are feeling very week from inside. They feel themselves fail in their lives, but actually feel that they are not having the power to get the work done. Their decision power is very week and not having the power to take good decisions, for their future.They not have trust on own shoulders, which takes them to achieve the desirable goal.

Dear reader’s, every human being have to achieve all their Targets and goals only if having trust on thier selves, believe on own shoulders for to get target. They use all their mintal power and in fully relax mood till not achieve the target. Want to create good decision power and fully use his decision power.

Every successful person (male/ female) get thier position and achieved all their goals through hard work face tuff times in their lives. They are having their own families and friends. Lives in their own desirable world, create and set hundred of goals on in their minds. They only provide you the opportunity and give chance for change to become get successful. here I clearly say that nobody is done nothing for others.

So get up and start your own world of achieveable desires, through keep load on own shoulders. Believe on yourself to achieve all good Targets in life. Nothing expect from others and get successful in life through use of own powers. Need to share having problems, Try best to help others for their beautiful desires, they have in their minds. Thanks

Having any kind of suggestions plz share. @Arifullah

9 thoughts on “Expectations from others:”

  1. Well I can tell you of my adult children in close family I expect the same of them that they can get from me so if I go out of my way to help them I would expect that of them. But as far as others expect very little and then I can always be surprised pleasantly

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  2. Very true. You need to believe in yourself and avoid expecting so much from people esp friends… I’ve been there and I’ve had my heart broken so much because of expecting too much from people who end up not living up to my expectations.

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