My primary school life:

The life of primary school is very tuff, beautiful and full of laziness. After rainy and thunder night we often thought that our school is collapse and fell down due to rain water. In morning when we see it all our thoughts are finished, and we are on way to school.

Well in my childhood i very shameful, lazy, and a kind of angry child. I don’t like reading and going to school. It was the time after summer vacations. These vacations are about three months. A lat of home work given from the Teacher’s in these vacations. After Vacation’s I do not complete my home work, so i very afraid of to go school and try to not go to school.

One day when I’m out from my home to school, in the way I sit in the Bushes between the school and our home. I do the same thing for three or four days. One day when my teacher send a letter to my parents that your son is absent and don’t try to Read and come to school.

One day when my uncle is at home, my parents send him with me, he not leave me until i’ m not reach the school. Force fully they send me to school after a week. Well after a week or more I finally join my school with no heart. That day teacher not required any kind of home work from me but after two days of my school teacher ask me about my English note book. I’m so worry because I totally loss my English note book and not having any home work on it. He give me punishment and find me. I remember that punishment till now and never forgot it.

After this punishment I never be lazy in my school and home work and reached school on time, never miss any class and stand first in my class. I pray for my parents and my uncle because there care about me.

13 thoughts on “My primary school life:”

  1. What a beautiful story you tell us about your childhood. The first days of school I was also afraid to go, I went with little desire, but then I liked it. It’s great that your parents and your uncle cared about me. and the most beautiful thing is that you thank him. Happy day!

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    1. First thank you so much for your kind consideration and share your experience. I think many of us having the same problem. But we are to bear it. 2nd I thanks my parents because they are having affliction for us and for future. Today I know about right and rong because of them

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