Pollution, types of pollution and how to control it.

The area around us making dirty, non suitable and injurious to live for human beings, animals and all living things , by humans is called Pollution.


Causes of pollution is the releasing of plastic made things, garbage and wastages throw openly in local area’s like roads, street’s, parks, etc. Industrial wastage, are not having any specific areas, and they drop it in sea or any other open area near people living. These problems are in big cities where the pollution are increase rapidly. Million of people in different countries effected by pollution, die and faced defected child birth and at high mortality rate.

How to control pollution:

Increasing in pollution level day by day from past many years humans are effected by pollution badly. Due to pollution of industries smoke ozone lyre is damage, due to this damage the dangerous rays of sun is directly reach to earth, cause many diseases and effect on all living things.

To control the pollution government duty to start different types of social programs & promote greenhouses, planting trees, wastages points for clean and green environment. Disposal of wastages in proper way is another step to lead and maintain clean environment. It is not only government duty but it is also binding on us that not to spread wastage, restrict pollution at our own level. We plant trees and cultivate gardens for more oxygen to release. For reduce pollution don’t use plastic made things and use only paper bags in shopping and other daily works. We protect our surrounding areas from garbage, clear sewage waters system, at all those areas and undesirable places.Avoid using of all those vehicles and other smoke produce instruments.


In Types of pollution Land pollution, Air pollution, Water pollution and Noise pollution are the main objects to discuss.

Industrial wastages, garbage on our beautiful and surroundings, fields, roads, and unwanted wastes are relates to Land pollution.

Oil, extra use of chemicals, raw material, sewage, dispose wastes in rivers are Water pollution.

Burning of fossil, burning and smoke of plastic things, co2, and industrial pollution lead to Air pollution.

Loud speakers high sound, different types of machinery sounds, vehicle’s Loud Horns etc are create Noise Pollution.

These all effect on all living things including humans and animals. So everyone try there best and make sure that not to spread any kind of pollution. Thanks

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8 thoughts on “Pollution, types of pollution and how to control it.”

      1. Your suggestion is good. But if we try and support cleaning staff and motivate them on there work.. Or we should help govt and give the msg door to door through pamflits or any other kind of services about pollution problems through out country..


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