What is Pollution?
Those things which when added into the environment which are producing harmful or poisonous effects on living things is called pollution. Pollution is the process that makes nature’s resources such as land, water, air or other parts of the environment unsafe and dangerous for human being.
Types of pollution: 
 There are many kinds of pollution but here I discuss major kinds of pollution, which are  soil, air, water, noise, and light.
Causes of pollution:
1.) Air pollution:
 Air is full of dust, inhaling of poisonous air is as hazardous as smoking. It is not only the humans who are affected from this polluted environment but also the animals. Air is filled with highly toxic gases. These dangerous gases in environment are released by the power industries that burn fossil fuels.
2.) Water pollution:
Water is the other major resource of all living things. Water is also very much effected by pollution. Industries that dispose wastes in the water, farmers using pesticides threatening the life of living things. The waste water of industries also reaches to sea water and mix in sea water which badly effect on fishes.
3.) Noise and Light pollution:
Highly usage of artificial lights and loud sounds, etc. Each of these leads to generation of the life threatening causes pollution.
4) Globalization:
It is another major  cause of pollution. Globalization has become an effective facilitator of environmental degradation.
All these indutries ,Vehcles, sound and lighting are valve able to us but use of natural resources at a rate, higher than the nature’s capacity to restore itself can result in pollution of air, water, and land. Other than human activities, there are a few periodic natural cycles that also result in release of dangerous stuff. Natural activities other than the human activities like volcanic eruption, dust wildfires, also result in creation of pollution.
Pollution and responsibility:
Every individual owns certain responsibility of maintaining few points such as not throwing garbage all around, growing trees, using public transport instead of their own, etc. Government must having strict rules on pollution control and give free seminars on pollution. We must shun excessive consumption and avoid careless and deliberate disposal of post-consumption waste resources which could otherwise be recycled and would led to pollution control.
Pollution cannot be reduced or controlled if a sense of responsibility towards our Mother Earth is not felt by all concerned.

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