Change From Self:

Everyone including me often say about other people’s in the society, markets, offices, or any other work places and in relatives, that he/she is not doing good deeds, or not honest, or greedy, etc in short we talk about them in there absence. We often talk about Leader’s in govt organizations, that they noting done for us after elections, after shopping we talk behind the shopkeepers rising prices. It is not good for us and for those we often talk in there absence, which we also called in Urdu (Gheebat).

In this I further add that everyone is good and honest in our society, market and any other places, if we are good in relation’s with others. Here I clarify that ‘do good and have good .’ Think positive about everyone, other people think about you positive and they remembering you with your good deeds. Those who get successful in there lives change themselves in time and in good way, Not getting interfere in others matter.

Noting to change here in this world until we should not change ourselves. We are doing good deeds, good deeds happen with us automatically. If we are honest everyone near us is honest, if we are disrespectful those who meet us are disrespectable. Whenever we find something about our self we want to change, we need to look for a way to reinvents it. This is how we need to see our self as a work of art always in progress. No need to get upset, or come down hard on yourself when you see something you do not like. Instead, like an artist, just get to work, and don’t interfere in others matters, what they do, How they do, we are doing good, not for others, but for ourselves.

Your dealing with those people who are going to challenge and question you, in proper and good way, that effect on them directly, and show them that original change is from self, then it have valve and work for change in our society.

Everyone is not perfect and clear of all sins, but try best to be perfect and save from bed deeds. First start to change yourself then advice to others for change in there lives.

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